About Us

The journey is intentional.
Founded officially in 2022, with hand sketched designs spanning back to 2017. Chosen Number offers clothing you can wear time and time again - true  wardrobe staples. Heavily inspired by the eras before, but with a modern take. All the pieces we design you won’t see anywhere else, they're curated and hand drawn in the UK. Most importantly, we're here to create garments that will have you feeling like that best version of yourself.
Our purpose is to provide original womenswear that can be worn day and night to suit your individual style. Focusing on transitional items with different tones, textures and layers, that will sculpt and compliment all shapes. We also encourage you to re-style our garments throughout different seasons and occasions. 
We hope to continuously evolve but the premise will stay the same,  producing unique transitional garments for all.
We hope you choose us!